First Chakra – Root or Base Chakra
 Location: Base of the spine and groin
 Stones: Red Jasper / Black Agate / Bloodstone / Obsidian / Carnelian / Smokey Quartz
 Color: Red 

The base or root chakra is the lowest chakra. It lies at the base of the spine. The Root Chakra provides grounding and strength. It serves as the foundation of energy and provides support. A strong base or root chakra is apparent in a person’s will to survive and strive for basic needs – food, shelter and sex. In a spiritual sense, the base or root chakra signifies protection of a person’s honor or dignity. It is an extremely important energy point as it provides a strong base for stabilizing ourselves in order to rise to higher consciousness.

Some signs of a well-balanced Root Chakra: 
  •    Powerful will to live
  •    Inner strength and passion
  •    Sense of trust and security
  •    Feeling of a deep connection to nature

Some signs of an unbalanced Root Chakra:
  •    Impatience and restless behavior 
  •    Lack of energy and interest in life 
  •    Impulsiveness
  •    Obsession and fixation to something 
  •    Self-centeredness and selfish conduct  

Second Chakra – Sacral Chakra
Location: Genitals
Stones: Red Jasper / Carnelian / Sunstone 
Color: Orange
The sacral chakra is situated a little below the naval. The Sacral Chakra supports reproduction and sexuality in general. It is associated with the reproductive system, stomach and colon

Some signs of a well-balanced Sacral Chakra:
  •    Intense love of live 
  •    Enjoyment and sensuality
  •    Well-balanced emotions
  •    Increased creative energy

Some signs of an unbalanced Sacral Chakra:
  •    Lack of sensuality 
  •    Feeling of anger 
  •    Moodiness
  •    Lack of interest in life in general  

Third Chakra – Navel or Solar Plexus Chakra
Location: Between rib cage and navel 
Stones: Tiger Eye / Calcite / Golden or Honey Quartz
Color: Yellow
The Navel Chakra lies just above the navel in the solar plexus region. It is associated with the nervous and digestive system including the liver, gall bladder, pancreas and spleen. The solar plexus chakra evokes a feeling of identity and allows you to really get to know yourself.

Some signs of a well-balanced Navel / Solar Plexus Chakra:
  •    Balanced emotions 
  •    Good self-control
  •    Deep sense of Inner Peace

Some signs of an unbalanced Navel / Solar Plexus Chakra:
  •    Difficulty in making decisions and judging situations
  •    Poor concentration and focus
  •    Procrastination in taking action
  •    Feelings of superiority

Fourth Chakra – Heart Chakra
Location: Heart 
Stones: Green Aventurine / Rose Quartz / Moss Agate / Stilbite 
Color: Green
The Heart Chakra lies in the middle of the chest at the center of the chakra system. The heart is the symbol of love. Besides the heart itself, the heart chakra is also linked to the circulatory system and the thymus gland. The heart chakra is vital as it opens us up to higher awareness and gives stability to all the other chakras. It stands for love, growth and acceptance.

Some signs of a well-balanced Heart Chakra:
  •    Tolerance and openness to others
  •    Enriched and fulfilling relationships
  •    Inner happiness and growth
  •    Strong ethics and personal values

Some signs of an unbalanced Heart Chakra:
  •    Trouble keeping and forming relationships
  •    Inability to accept self and others
  •    Lack of direction in life
  •    Rely on another to feel happy 

Fifth Chakra – Throat Chakra
Location: Throat
Stones: Amazonite / Lapis lazuli / Sodalite
Color: Blue
The Throat Chakra lies near the larynx and connects the heart and forehead chakras. It is linked to the respiratory system including the upper lungs, and also the thyroid gland. The throat chakra is important in allowing us to communicate effectively, relate our thoughts and feelings and be creative.

Some signs of a well-balanced Throat Chakra:
  •    Good balance between thought and feeling
  •    Ability to communicate well with others
  •    Clearly articulate what you think and feel
  •    Able to express inner creativity

Some signs of an unbalanced Throat Chakra:
  •    Trouble learning and communicating
  •    Find it hard to express yourself 
  •    Self-doubt and feelings of insecurity 

Sixth Chakra – Forehead / Brow / Third Eye Chakra
Location: Forehead, between the eyes
Stones: Iolite / Lapis lazuli / Sodalite / Amethyst
Color: Dark Blue / Indigo
The Third Eye Chakra lies right in the middle of the forehead between the eyes. It is the centre of consciousness and awareness. It represents the intellect and psychic abilities. It is connected to the skeletal system, eyes, nose, ears and the pituitary gland. The Third Eye chakra gives us insight and helps us understand what we see going on around us.

Some signs of a well-balanced Third Eye / Brow Chakra:
  •    Good intuition skills
  •    Inner peace and wisdom
  •    Clear thought process
  •    Ability to make well-thought out decisions 

Some signs of an unbalanced Third Eye / Brow Chakra:
  •    Uncertainty 
  •    Difficulty making decisions
  •    Hesitation and confusion 
  •    Troubled peace of mind  

Seventh Chakra – Crown Chakra
Location: Above the head
Stones: Crystal Quartz / Amethyst / Rainbow Moonstone / Apophyllite
Color: Violet / White / Gold
The Crown Chakra, the highest chakra, lies at the top of the head. The opening of the crown chakra leads to enlightenment – the state of perfect union and bliss. This chakra helps link you to the universe. It is connected to the nervous system and the brain. A balanced crown chakra brings harmony and coordination.

Some signs of a well-balanced Crown Chakra:
  •    Good coordination skills
  •    Freedom of thought and open mindedness
  •    Good balance and graceful in nature
  •    Pursuit for spiritual discovery

Some signs of an unbalanced Crown Chakra:
  •    Lack of balance, clumsy behavior 
  •    Poor coordination skills
  •    Lack of interest in spirituality 
  •    Curbing own thoughts or those of others